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What We Did

Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Graphic Design

Email Marketing

Lead Generation

Video Production

Who They Are

Suprock Technologies is a boutique engineering firm specializing in niche monitoring systems, using their own custom built sensors. Their Turbine Dynamics Monitoring System (TDMS) is installed directly on power generation turbines, providing critical stress feedback to plant managers and their staff.

The TDMS is cutting edge technology without peer in their industry. It thrives in hostile environments, for example attached to turbines spinning at breakneck speeds, submerged in hot oil. It can also be used in other extreme environments like under water and in outer space.


What They Wanted

The TDMS is particularly suited for power plant turbines, and in fact is a necessity for plant managers who must satisfy monitoring requirements for insurance compliance. 

The TDMS is far more advanced than its nearest competitor, but the potential user pool is relatively small because there are only 10,000 power plants in the US.

Our Deliverables

Our challenge was to help Suprock Tech find and engage their potential customers. The first thing we did was figure out exactly “who” their customers were; everything from their demographics information and job title, to their motivations and anxieties. With that information, we could do a better job communicating with them.

Then we created, video, digital, and print assets that would be appealing to their customers. We sent them informational postcards through the mail, and followed up with an email campaign that resulted in a 30% response rate.