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What We Did

Brand Strategy

Web Development


Video Production


Who They Are

Swarm City is an open-source, blockchain-based technology firm building a decentralized commerce platform. Their community uses the platform to find each other, communicate, and transact in context specific marketplaces. 

Not only that, users can create, launch, and run their own marketplaces for profit. Swarm City is the first live commerce platform in the Ethereum ecosystem.

Swarm City 02

What They Wanted

Swarm City was looking for a creative way to communicate progress to their community. Together, we depicted their development sprints as “Episodes” like in a television show season. 

Each Episode described a character’s accomplishment that resulted from using a new feature of the Swarm City platform.

Our Deliverables

Swam City wanted to be able to tell its development story in multiple ways, so that community members had an array of options to choose from. The first thing we did was develop the sub-site progress.swarm.city with illustrated versions of the Episodes’ protagonists.

Each Episode was then ordered vertically, and as each Episode was released, its corresponding website section was unveiled. This included a video showing Swarm City’s capabilities following development of each Episode.

Swarm City 03