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Who They Are

North To Port is a band and a podcast. Each podcast episode chronicles their adventures on tour in the form of a radio interview taped at a tour stop location, and features a song that epitomizes the episode.


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What They Wanted

North To Port created something completely novel; a multi-discipline art project that is as much an interactive album as it is a radio play. Songs and episodes referenced each other, and blended reality and fiction to such a degree that even the actors playing each radio host had plot or thematic significance.

Their goal was to share their music and podcast episodes with as many people as possible.

Our Deliverables

MSquared helped North To Port find their audience and engage with them through social media and other content. One of the alluring components of North To Port was their willingness to be transparent about their process. 

We published their episode scripts as well as videos showing how to play their songs as part of our inbound approach. We also built them a streamlined e-commerce website so they could distribute their music to fans of their project.

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