What We Did

Brand Strategy

Logo Design

Web Development

Graphic Design

Web Design

Who They Are

EthKan is an innovative blockchain project whose mission is to completely change how fundraising works. In the past, blockchain projects raised funds by issuing tokens in return for capital investment, but funders rarely had say over how those funds were spent. 

EthKan gives teams the ability to organize their entire project on a kanban board infused with Ethereum. Every task can be funded individually, so contributors can fund the tasks they understand and agree with instead of the entire project.

EthKan 03

What They Wanted

EthKan is an open-source, not-for-profit, early stage startup, so their needs were unique. Their goal was to raise capital through blockchain incubator hubs who would not be looking for stake in the company. 

In order to do so, EthKan needed a web presence that succinctly described their project scope and timeline, so incubator managers could quickly understand it.

Our Deliverables

Our major challenge was figuring out how to present EthKan visually without it being developed yet. There was no interface to draw from. With that in mind we decided to use simple, yet explicit text in the header to describe the project. 

Then we illustrated a slideshow to represent EthKan’s major concepts as well as a development roadmap. This gave new visitors a complete overview with the least amount of friction.

EthKan 02